Tip: Why We Recommend Posting Your Videos With at Least a Text Summary

Google will pick up audio from videos and use it to determine the content of a page (they make transcriptions from YouTube videos). According to SEO guru Neil Patel, posting a video may help your SEO rankings, but there is no official mention of this from Google as a ranking factor for a page. However, Google does mention that embedding videos on well-trafficked pages is a ranking factor for getting the video into Google's search results.

We always recommend posting some kind of text along with your video, or at least a summary.

See this good example of a video summary by Vicinity on the ERP Software Blog: https://www.erpsoftwareblog.com/2022/02/mass-production-maintenance-a-new-production-control-feature-for-vicinity-formula-management-software/

A 250-word summary with bullet points will boost the SEO of the page and it will increase the SEO of the video itself for ranking on Google search, as well as on YouTube. A well-written summary will also entice more people to watch the video. We also recommend making a transcript because they create a ton of indexable content for Google’s search engine spiders. Transcripts are also far more accurate and they pick up all the important keywords, instead of relying on Google’s transcription engine to figure out the nuances of a video about technology and software.

It is also worth noting that writing a nice blog post about the video topic (with the inclusion of the video itself within the post) is the best option of all to make the most of the content. Here is a great example from Bam Boom Cloud: https://www.erpsoftwareblog.com/2021/11/microsoft-dynamics-365-business-central-demo-bam-boom-cloud/

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