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Let us write for you

Just getting listed on the group blog sites is great, but you will see the most value when you start posting content consistently.  We can help.

As part of our "Marketing Turnkey" membership package our experienced staff writers will make sure you publish new content every month.


Each month this will include:


Article Rewrites:

Our writers will rewrite a blog article that has already been published on your website so that it is less than 50% the same. The article will be optimized for SEO then placed on the group blog as a draft so that you can make any edits before it is published.  You can choose the article you want rewritten or we can review your site and choose for you.


Original post versus Rewritten post

Original post versus Rewritten post

Original post versus Rewritten post

Original post versus Rewritten post

Original post versus Rewritten post




Video Posts:

If you have a non-technical video on your site, our writers will write a summary and publish this on the group blog.

This way, you get more exposure for your content in a safe way that gives you the most SEO value. And we keep you on a consistent monthly posting schedule. 

Note: Existing blog members and Marketing Pro level members can order article rewrites for $75 each (sold in packs of 10) Sign up here.

What if you don't have enough content?


If you do not already have articles or videos published on your own site that we can use, we can give recommendations of writers with experience in our industry. We also provide tips and training to make it easier for you to create your own content.


Plus, every member who selects the "Marketing Turnkey" package will also receive an annual bonus that includes:


Premium Content:

If you are a Turnkey member, Anya Ciecierski, the blog co-founder, with over 20 years of experience writing for ERP/CRM will create two unique blog posts for your company, based on an interview call with one of your subject matter experts. ($450 value).

Publishing new blog content every month, with strong links back to your site, is a proven strategy to increase your search rankings and drive more leads.

Integrity Data


“Sharon has been doing a wonderful job rewriting our blog posts. From putting a fresh spin on older and outdated posts to creating different versions of newer blog posts, she ‘gets’ it. As a marketing department that has limited internal resources and suffering ‘blog exhaustion,’ being able to outsource at an affordable cost to somebody as professional and punctual as Sharon has been great.”

-Marleen De Winter (Member since 2012)