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Member FAQ

To get you started, here is a list of the most common questions from our current blog members.  We are always available to answer additional questions.

  • How many articles can I post each month?
    You can post as many articles as you like each month! We encourage you to post at least one per month. We do ask that each article have unique content that has not been published before. We provide tips to do this effectively.
  • What if I do not have time to write blog posts?
    With our "Marketing Turnkey" membership level we can write for you. We can also provide recommendations for hiring writers and give tips on how to make writing easier. Check out our blogging tips. We give you lots of ways to post content. You can post a video or a white paper. If you offer add-on products you can add your product to our popular Add-on directories.
  • How will I be billed?
    The membership fee for each site is billed by ACH or credit card subscription on the first of the month by ERP Blog LLC. When you sign up we require a credit card for the first month. You can then switch to ACH payment and save 5% each month. You can change your payment method anytime by using our secure Credit Card Form or ACH Form.
  • Is there a discount for joining multiple blog sites?
    Yes, there is a 20% discount on the second (or third) blog site that you join.
  • Isn’t it free to set up my own blog? What if I already have a blog?
    Blogs require constant improvement, back-links, and a steady supply of fresh posts. Our group blogs have managers, editors, and developers who are constantly improving and maintaining the sites. That means more traffic. Even if you have your own blog, you can take advantage of the extra exposure to get more “eyeballs” on your content. Plus, you want prospects to see your name and expertise everywhere they search for information, not just on your website. Plus, did we mention backlinks? Read more here.
  • Should I post on my own blog or the group blog?
    We feel that successful companies will post on both their own blog site to build their brand, and the group blog sites to build their traffic. We realize that good content is hard to produce. We can help you determine a strategy for where to post, depending on your goals. Read this tip.
  • Can I post the same article on my blog and the group blog?
    You will get the best SEO results and traffic if you post unique content. This is why we offer a rewrite service. However, there are ways to safely post duplicate content, with a canonical link back to the original article, if you feel this is necessary. Read this tip.
  • Can I be listed for a specific state/province?
    Even in a cloud/mobile world some Partners still focus on a specific region. We want to make it easy for these partners to target their region. To avoid conflicts we do limit the number of partners in some regions. If you would like to be assigned to a state or geographic area review your options here.
  • Who owns these blog sites?
    Anya Ciecierski and David Foreman started the group blog sites in 2009. Anya Ciecierski has been working in sales and marketing in the Microsoft Dynamics channel since 1999. David Foreman is the owner of Interactive Limited, an SEO consulting firm. He has experience working with 150+ software partners and is an approved Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau vendor. We know software partner goals, competition, keywords and resources. LinkedIn Profile: Anya Ciecierski LinkedIn Profile: Dave Foreman
  • How did these blogs get started?
    Read the full history, and the faces behind it, in this blog post.
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“Being a member of the CRM Software Blog is an important part of our Microsoft Dynamics marketing strategy. Knowing that many CRM users visit the blog on a regular basis, our membership gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge, insight, and resources with a large group of potential new prospects every day.”

-Natalie Jackson (Member since 2018)

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