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Top Benefits of Joining
a Group Blog

There are so many ways to use your content, why should you join a group blog?


Our group blogs are the largest in our space - with over 70,000 visitors a month. Articles you post are seen by more prospects than you could get to your company blog. This drives more traffic to your site without paying per click.


Articles posted on our group blog sites consistently rank at the top of organic Google search results. You want your prospects to see your message every time they search online. Newer sites may look fancy, but our sites have the history and domain authority to make backlinks valuable for SEO. (See examples of top search results)

Directory Listings

Listings in multiple directories make it easier for prospects to find you when they are searching for a partner or product. Plus, you want to be seen where your competitors are listed.


We promote every member post on our social media channels and run special social campaigns during industry events.


We generate leads for blog members through proprietary pricing tools and group projects. Articles posted years ago can still drive prospects to your website as new leads.


Our members are seen as social media leaders and have received invitations from Microsoft and other influencers to join special campaigns. Showing your expertise on a third-party site enhances your reputation.


Get regular training on social media and online marketing methods that are really working for ERP/CRM Partners.


Connect with other members in our LinkedIn group and attend member meet-up events.

Next Steps? Choose the group blog site that is right for you.

Which membership level is right for you?  We help VAR and ISV Add-on Partners reach a larger audience and generate leads.

Western Computer

“The biggest benefit of our ERP Software Blog subscription is the traffic and engagement we get on our website. Visitors coming from ERP Software Blog spend 3x as long on our website and interact with more content.”


-Amanda Sherry (member since 2016)

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