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Meet The Team

Our team came together in 2009 with a vision to “use the power of the group” to help ERP/CRM partners find more leads. Combining ERP/CRM marketing experience plus SEO expertise has helped us build the best group blog sites in our channel.


Read the backstory here:

The History of How the ERP Software Blog Actually Got Started


Anya Ciecierski

Co-Founder, Owner

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Anya loves all things related to marketing in the ERP and CRM channels. She has worked in sales and marketing positions for Microsoft Dynamics resellers since 1999 and now has the fun of focusing just on blogging. Anya is committed to building communities and is the founder of The BBC Marketing Mastermind Group and the Channel Marketing Academy. You will see her as a speaker and press attendee at the best Microsoft Dynamics industry events.


David Foreman

Co-Founder, Owner

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Dave has provided digital marketing campaigns in the ERP and CRM markets for over 14 years. He has taken newly launched systems integrators with no clients and helped them create booming businesses winning large contracts in government, NFP, and corporate verticals. Dave started the group blogs with Anya in 2009 to help channel partners and ISVs access proven marketing methods unique to the ERP and CRM industries.


Jeff Foreman

Developer/Member Training

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Jeff joined our team in 2009 as our lead developer and SEO analyst. Jeff runs a full-time consulting practice advising clients and developing campaigns for bespoke digital marketing campaigns. He maintains the blogs and adds features on a regular basis. He also works with new members, teaching them how to target long-tail keywords to drive more traffic and leads. Jeff has extensive experience developing and running campaigns in the cloud ERP and CRM spaces and brings practical experience to the table. (And he doesn't like photos).


Stacy Orr

Member Services

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Stacy has been working with the blog sites since the very start in 2009 and likely knows more than anyone else about every single page on the sites. She is part operations, part tech support, part customer service and great at all of it.




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