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We started these group blogs in 2009 with just ten visionary members. Most of these companies are still members now, more than a decade of blogging later.


Our group blogs now have 150+ members. Here is a sample of a few of the nice things people say about the value of their group blogs membership.

Read the Success Story: Top ERP Partner Tracks Leads Generated From ERP Software Blog Membership

emfluence Marketing Platform


"Even though it is more and more difficult to generate traffic these days, the CRM Software Blog remains our top referral source. So we put our focus on what works."


- Monica Hoyer (member since 2018)


iCepts Technology Group, Inc.

“Over the years, we continue to get a lot of referrals from the ERP Software Blog directed to our site.  We use a website traffic resource to analyze website visitors that I review on a regular basis.  I am amazed at how effective the ERP Software Blog is in directing traffic to our website. The ERP Software Blog definitely works!”


- Greg Miles (member since 2012) 


Websan Solutions

“We repeatedly hear from prospects that when they are researching Dynamics, they just keep finding us. We don't look at one blog or one video and say, did this get us a lead? It is all of it combined. When prospects see the depth of content we have and how long we've been consistently doing it, it just resonates. You need to have patience for that.”


- Andrew King (member since 2010)

Binary Stream


“ERP Software Blog has been a great way for us to expand our reach and tap into a new market that we did not have access to before. By leveraging its authority and credibility as a trusted voice in our industry, we’re able to showcase our subject matter expertise to a much wider audience. It is also a fantastic way for us to explore the market and learn of new trends that other partners are pursuing.”

- Khaled Nassra (member since 2016)

StockIQ Technologies


“A Partner brought a lead to us, and when we asked how they found us they said they saw our product listed on the ERP Software Blog. This one client will cover our membership fees for the next 10 years, so there is no longer any question about adding the group blog membership to our budget.”

-Judy Van Der Linden (member since 2021)

JourneyTEAM_clr_HOR_No_ShadowLARGE 복사_png.webp

“We intended to cancel our membership to cut costs. However, on a call with Jeff he reviewed our post stats and helped us calculate what we would have spent in pay per click to prove the ROI. He also reviewed our GA4 analytics and gave suggestions on how we can update our highest-traffic posts to drive more leads. So we are staying!”  

- Moriah Spainhower (member since 2010)

Dexpro Dynamics


“A company we will start working with soon told me he read a blog post I published on the ERP Software Blog back in 2020 called “Why You Should Never Buy Dynamics GP from a Salesperson.” He knew from that post that we shared the same business values. In 2023, he recognized my name, attended our ERP Horror Story session with ERP Software Blog, and initiated a conversation. I am now convinced that a good blog post can provide results you don’t expect, even years later.”  


- Marlena Stark (member since 2020)

Unified A/R

“Your team has not only done a great job delivering what you market but additionally [we appreciate] the other introductions that you've made. You guys have done a great job being a friend to Unified A/R beyond just a business solutions partner. Thank you for all the extra stuff that doesn't just come in the packages you offer. The bang for the buck is very strong, and I'd recommend that anybody who hasn't looked at what you provide definitely should. The way you have it structured, it's kind of a no-lose proposition. We've been very, very pleased and satisfied.”

Dan Hatcher (member since 2023) Watch video testimonial



“Jeff Foreman gave us great tips to optimize our blog posts for better results. He really is a wealth of information. This is a nice benefit of being a group blog member. We are happy to support such a great group in our community.


-Becky Garcia (member since 2020)

Unified A/R


“We are VERY pleased with the blog rewrite!  Your writer did an excellent job!  Also appreciate the LinkedIN post about it."


-Lee Sharp (member since 2023)

Bam Boom Cloud


“With the Turnkey membership, I no longer have to worry about coming up with new content every month. I provide the guidelines and content is written and published for me. It is one less thing that I need to worry about and the nominal additional cost is so worth it! Plus, the extra exposure on the website and social media is a nice touch that we appreciate. We initially upgraded to Turnkey just for the additional banner ads and visibility, but the time saved and the accountability to force us to get something out consistently is a true gamechanger.”


- Tania Konczynski

Western Computer

“The biggest benefit of our ERP Software Blog subscription is the traffic and engagement we get on our website. Visitors coming from ERP Software Blog spend 3x as long on our website and interact with more content.”


-Amanda Sherry (member since 2016)

Beringer Tech


“We have been a member of the CRM Software Blog for more than 10 years. It has helped us leverage our blog content and reach a much wider audience. We see the results in the traffic to our website.”

-Lisa Beringer (member since 2010)

Dexpro Dynamics


“I got a new client because of your site. They told me they saw the list of Partners in the directory, found one located near them and called us. Thank you for giving us the Arizona spot.”


- Marlena Stark (member since 2020)

enCloud9 high res logo.jpg

“We really enjoyed the Member Q&A call. We are constantly trying to update our website. Now we know where to focus our energy. It was helpful to hear the positive as well as things we could improve on. Dave provided us with so many great links and resources. My colleague said it was the best hour he has spent all year!”


- Kristin Caniglia (member since 2015)

Azamba Consulting Group

“CRM Software Blog is a great place to share Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM tips and strategies with a large audience. It's a great community resource for partners, customers, and prospects alike. The team over there is A+ in customer service and making things easy for partners to contribute.”

– Peter Wolf (member since 2018)

Rockton Connect


“When we expanded into a new market, being a member of the ERP Cloud Blog helped us reach a larger audience for our new offering.”

– Amiee Keenan (member since 2012)

CAL Business Solutions


"For a long time, another local GP partner was beating us in SEO ranking.  Since we have been posting on the group blog, the tables have turned.  While they are paying $ for a sponsored link, we now have the top 4 spots in organic search. Plus, ERP Software Blog is consistently our top referral source in Google Analytics.”

-Stacy Orr (member since 2009)

Integrity Data

"As an ISV, the ERP Software Blog is an ideal way to get our add-on solution in front of a large audience in an efficient way."

– Marleen De Winter (member since 2012)

Knaster Technology Group

"I tested my search visibility today using both Bing and Google using various combinations of keywords, and links to my posts in the ERP software blog came up in the first five listings about 80% of the time. Before that, even with Google Adwords, it was pretty hit and miss if our company would come up at all. So, THANK YOU! The amount of increased exposure just from the blog is truly amazing."

-Barry Knaster (member since 2009)

The TM Group

"We just got 3 leads from both CRM and ERP blogs we wrote – I am impressed by readership reach! Both called our office and specifically referenced either seeing the blogs we wrote. We have had 2 people call on this post already. So far, the number of new clients closed from our website has doubled over last year, and we know that is due in large part to our membership in the ERP and CRM Software Blogs."

– Ken Jacobson (member since 2009)

iSolutions Group

"I have noticed our blog posts show up at the top of Google which is awesome."

-Ryan McBee (member since 2020)



"I am always impressed with the level of service and attention I receive as a member. Being a member of the ERP Software Blog community since 2011 has by far been the most cost-effective marketing platform we have been part of."

– Thomas Garcia member since 2011)

P2 Automation


“It seems that whenever I search online for a how to question in our industry, eight times out of ten an article on the CRM Software Blog would show up on top. I knew I wanted my articles to show up like that too.”

-Steve Pestillo (member since 2019)

Technology Management Concepts


“I am happy to support Anya’s vision to bring Dynamics Partners together.  Anya has created an environment through the blogs that promotes the sharing of information within the channel. TMC has been a member of the group blog sites since the beginning and has enjoyed the benefits of contributing to the Dynamics ecosystem.  We are excited to see them grow as the community continues to evolve and change."

-Jennifer Harris (member since 2009)



"Good content is hard to create, and I want to be sure it reaches the widest audience possible with the credibility of publishing on a reputable site that has been around for over 10 years. The ERP and CRM Software Blogs helps us do that – in English and in French too."

-Tania Konczynski (member since 2009)

emfluence Marketing Platform


“Being a member of the CRM Software Blog is an important part of our Microsoft Dynamics marketing strategy. Knowing that many CRM users visit the blog on a regular basis, our membership gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge, insight, and resources with a large group of potential new prospects every day.”

-Natalie Jackson (member since 2018)

LBMC Technology Solutions


"Being listed in the various directories of Dynamics ERP Partners on the ERP Software Blogs makes us feel confident that we are in the right place for prospects to find us.  We can also share great blogs and resources for Dynamics ERP users or prospects looking into Dynamics ERP."

-Sarah Novak (member since 2009)

IPM Global


"The Blog Rewrite service has been a very smooth process. The writer is easy to work with and seems very efficient. I am happy with the quality of the rewritten articles and would recommend this service to others who are time poor and need more blog content to spread around.”

-Miree Le Roy (member since 2011)

Vantree Systems, Inc.


“We really appreciate you helping us out and sharing what we have to offer to the Microsoft community. And I think for a company that can help partners and customers fill a gap, (the blog membership) is a very efficient and fun way to engage with that community.”

-Phil Aguib (member since 2023)  Watch video testimonial

logo (1).jpg


“I've always admired your tenacity and your entrepreneurship and your vision in terms of supporting partners. You came up with a brilliant concept and I certainly love it. I love the exposure, because exposure is everything. Sometimes I go to the ERP Software Blog to learn myself. Because it's impossible to know everything about each individual ISV. So if you can get a sense of what the latest trends are, what the focus is in terms of their technology investments…that really helps me out as an individual.”

-Karen Wainwright (member since 2023) Watch video testimonial

 Technology Specialist Management, Microsoft.png

​“Thank you, Anya and ERP Software Blog, for all the great insights and wealth of information over the years. I started reading posts as a GP partner and have continued since coming to Microsoft. It's great to see the growth and this incredible milestone.”


- Howard Swerdloff, Director Technology Specialist Management, Microsoft

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