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Top ERP Partner Tracks Leads Generated From ERP Software Blog Membership


"We joined the ERP Software Blog because all of our competitors were listed there.  We choose to continue our membership because we see proof that it is a good marketing investment." 


Measuring Traffic from ERP Software Blog 

"Looking at Google Analytics, we can see that our referral traffic from the ERP Software Blog is very strong year over year.  


At the end of Q2 2021, we reported that: 

  • ERP Software Blog drove almost 8% of our total referral traffic.  

  • The average session duration was 4 minutes and 21 seconds, nearly three times longer than our overall website duration.  

  • The bounce rate is 41%, which is phenomenal compared to the average bounce rate of our whole site.  

  • The page views are 3.11, showing that they land on one page but stay on our site to read more. 

  • 10% of our new users as a whole come from the ERP Software Blog.  


We get a lot of irrelevant organic traffic to our website, but traffic from the ERP Software Blog is not bouncing.  When I see these metrics, it shows me that the prospects coming to our site from the ERP Software Blog are in the right market, and they know what they are looking for."  


Measuring Leads from ERP Software Blog 

"At the end of last year, we did a marketing measurement report to track every lead with their first touch and converting touch.  

  • Thirty-two of our active leads came to our site from the ERP Software Blog.  

  • Only 3% of the leads were disqualified

  • 80% of leads converted on OnDemand webinars.  

  • Less than 10% of these leads have unsubscribed.  

  • Two leads from the ERP Software Blog filled out our contact us form right away.  


Lately, my strategy is to link from the ERP Software Blog to a gated webinar on our site.  The prospect reads our article on the ERP Software Blog, then clicks through to our site and provides their email to watch the webinar.  The fact that so few unsubscribe shows the validity of the leads. Now with GDPR and CCPA, we give them the opt out-option every single time, so when a lead is still subscribed for 12+ months, that shows they have interest." 


Older Articles Still Driving Traffic

"The metrics for 2021 fall in line with what we've been seeing year over year. That is interesting because we haven’t posted as many articles on the group blog site this year as we have in the past. I can tell that our older posts are still driving traffic and that we have the potential for even higher results.


The blog rewrite service offered by the ERP Software Blog is helping us to post consistently. We have so much original content on our own website that this service is a great fit, and I am happy with the quality for the price." 


Working with the ERP Software Blog Team 

"For me, joining the group blog was the first sense of community I had in the Microsoft channel, as I had come from another industry. I have really enjoyed the connections that I have made as part of this group. 


The Members Only LinkedIn group has many helpful tips and tricks. The recorded SEO reviews give very specific action items to improve the quality of our posts. 


I appreciate that the team offers incentives to existing customers like us, not just to new members to get sign-ups.  That shows that they want to keep us engaged.  At our company, we value our customers as long-term partners; the ERP Software Blog team has the same relationship with their blog members.” 


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