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SEO Services for Group Blog Members

Group blog members can take advantage of free SEO tips to optimize their blog posts and company website.


Dave and Jeff Foreman, owners of Interactive Limited and co-founders of the group blogs, have been optimizing VAR/ISV Partner websites in the ERP and CRM channels for over 14 years.  This team has extensive knowledge of inbound marketing, keyword strategy and white hat optimization techniques for our industry. 

  • Turnkey members receive a free 30-minute SEO training call annually.  This includes suggestions for applying easy optimizations to boost traffic and lead flow to your main company website.

  • Marketing Pro members receive a 15-minute recorded SEO review call annually upon request.

Request SEO Review

If you are an ERP/CRM partner considering membership in our group blogs, you can request a free 5-minute recorded analysis of your website and current blogging efforts.  This will include examples of how membership can expand your search traffic and lead flow. 



Over years of updating pages and rebuilding sites, companies can overlook simple optimizations. This can make a big difference in search engine rankings and lead flow. 


These include:

  • Longtail keyword targeting in meta-tags 

  • Redirecting abandoned pages from older versions of the site.

  • Applying plugins to increase page load times.

  • Making landing pages more usable by increasing font size and color contrast.

  • Leveraging existing content like videos, blog posts, case studies, and pdf downloads by writing summary posts, full rewrites, and transcriptions.

  • Splitting up website content into pages focused on keywords that can rank at the top of search results.


We can also provide live analysis of how you stack up against your top competitors and give actionable advice for catching up and surpassing sites that consistently rank above yours.

We want all our members to get the most out of their inbound content-based strategies.  The group blogs are tools for expanding your reach and improving your brand strength. But often even the best marketing teams overlook or are unaware of quick and easy optimizations and tactics that can boost content marketing results dramatically. 

Interactive Limited also provides services for Paid Search Advertising, Search Engine Optimization and Web Design.

Group Blog Benefits

Which membership level is right for you?  We help VAR and ISV Add-on Partners reach a larger audience and generate leads.



“Jeff Foreman gave us great tips to optimize our blog posts for better results. He really is a wealth of information. This is a nice benefit of being a group blog member. We are happy to support such a great group in our community.


-Becky Garcia (member since 2020)

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