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How to: Embed a Video in a Blog Post

It is a great idea to use videos in your blog posts.

One idea is to write a short summary of the video, then embed the video in the post. It is even better, for SEO results, if you then add a transcription of the audio under the video. See details and examples here.

So how do you embed a post on the ERP/CRM Software Blog sites? Follow these steps.

On the Add New Post screen, while on the Visual tab, choose the place where you want to add your video. Helpful Hint – add placeholder text similar to below.

Now click on the Text tab and locate your placeholder text, video embed code is added here.

Retrieve your video’s embed code from your hosting service. (The following will be for embedding a YouTube video, however, the same step can be applied to most video hosting services.) Choose the video you want to embed and click the share button.

Then click on Embed.

The embed code will popup. Click Copy.

Paste the embed code copied over your placeholder text.

Switch back to the Visual tab and you should see your video.

If you have any questions, let us know.

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Embedding videos in blog posts can boost engagement and SEO! For detailed steps, follow this guide. To capture and save these instructions, I recommend using the It's perfect for non-commercial use, allowing you to easily record and refer back to these helpful tips whenever needed. Happy blogging!

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