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5 Tips to Promote Your Webinar on ERP/CRM Software Blogs

What if you plan a party and nobody shows up?

That is how I feel about planning a webinar. When you put all the work into preparing

the presentation, it is only effective if people know about it.

You want to use all possible avenues to drive awareness and registration.

As a group blog member, here are a few things you can take advantage of:

1) List your event on our event calendar. Instructions here.

2) Publish a blog post to promote the session. As always, use SEO best practices,

including a great title, and make the post at least 750 words to drive traffic. Pro

tip: If the session is recorded, edit the post later to invite people to watch on-


3) Create promotional banners. Design them yourself using or

pay an inexpensive designer on Then get creative about how to

use these banners.

a. Add a banner to your blog post to catch the eye.

b. Use banners on social media.

c. Add a banner to OLDER blog posts that are getting high traffic and have a

related theme. (Remember to remove them after the event is over or

change them to promote the on-demand link)

d. Upgrade to our Turnkey membership, which includes banner ads that run

on the sidebar of every page of the ERP or CRM Software Blog site.

4) If you want Partners to attend, post an invitation in our ERP/CRM Members Only

5) Search for popular LinkedIn posts related to your webinar topic and add a

comment mentioning your session. (Just try hard to make the comment sound

helpful, not salesy.) Everyone else who commented on that post in the past will

receive a notification of your new comment.

Pro Tip: Use an Evergreen Registration Link

These days, prospects who watch the webinar later, on-demand, can be the real


Very often, the live registration link is different from the page where you store the

recorded version, and when people click on the registration page after the event, they

just go to an error page. This is a wasted opportunity.

If you are making an effort to spread your registration link prolifically around the web, it

is a good idea to send people to a landing page that can be used for live registration

AND on-demand registration.

A webinar landing page adds one more click, but it brings you more long-term value.

By Anya Ciecierski, ERP/CRM Software Blog Editor,

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Planning a webinar can feel like hosting a party where nobody shows up - all that preparation feels wasted if nobody knows about it. To ensure your webinar gets the attention it deserves, it's crucial to leverage every available avenue to drive awareness and registrations. As a member of our group blog, you have several tools at your disposal. Firstly, make sure to list your event on our event calendar to reach our audience effectively. Additionally, publishing a detailed blog post promoting your webinar is essential. Use SEO best practices to optimize your post for search engines, ensuring it's at least 750 words long to drive traffic. If your session is recorded, remember to update the post later to invite…

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