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How To: List Your Events on the Event Calendar For Extra Promotion

We have a section on the site for you to promote your events. Log in to the blog dashboard.

On the very top bar click on “Events” and “Add Events.”

  1. Click on “Paste as Text” Icon (if you can’t see that click “Toggle Toolbar” icon on the far right of the top toolbar. Copy and Paste Title and Text)

  2. Add Tags.

  3. Choose applicable categories

  4. Add Time & Date

  5. Add Location (for Webinars-Choose “Webinar” at the end of the venue list)

  6. Choose or Add Organizer (This would be your company name)

  7. Add Event Website

  8. Add Event Cost, if applicable

  9. Preview your event; confirm links are working properly.

  10. Publish your event.

Note: There is no way to filter by online vs. live events so be sure you make this clear in your description and choose the right category. \

Your event will show up on the events page of each blog. It will automatically be removed once the date has expired.

Note: We will promote events from our social media accounts too.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

Questions? Email me at


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