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Tour of Group Blog Sites

We want to give you a tour of our blog sites. I'm sure that you've taken the time to poke around a little bit, but this will maybe show you some sections that you haven't seen before. We have:

  • ERP Software BlogThis is for all partners, related to Microsoft Dynamics ERP, both ISV and VAR.

  • CRM Software Blog This is for Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement, CRM type partners

  • ERP Cloud BlogThis is a site that is newer than the other two, and it was really started to help partners, ISV and VAR, in the ERP cloud space that sell products outside of Microsoft Dynamics, such as Acumatica, GenTAC, NetSuite, Oracle, things like that. You can actually see those products here and dig around the ERP Cloud Blog a little bit more for now.

I'm going to show you some of the features on the ERP Software Blog, and just know that it's basically the same across all three sites.


When you post your blog article, it's automatically going to show up on the homepage, and this is just done chronologically, so the newest article shown at the top. When you click on your article title, it'll take you to that page. And this is also where you can see the categories that you've chosen for your post. If I was to click on one of those, I would then go to this category page where you see all of the articles that are in that category. So going back to my post page, if I click on my author name or on this view our posts, either one, it's taking me to your author page. So you'll see, this is the author page for MetaOption LLC.


You could use that URL say if you wanted to promote the blog on LinkedIn or some other channel where you really wanted people to see all your posts. You can either send them to your author page, or you can send them to your profile page. The easiest way to find your profile page, I'd say, would be to go to this member section. You'll see there's various member directories, but if you go to the “Dynamics Partner by Name”, and in this case, I will look for MetaOption again, because we looked at their post. Scroll down alphabetically. And if I click there, it actually brings me to their larger profile page. So again, this URL is a good one that you could use on LinkedIn or other areas.

This has text that the partner has submitted to us. It's a good idea to check your profile page regularly. And if you'd like to make any changes, just let us know, and we will make those for you. But this also lists all of the articles down here by this partner as well. So you can see they have quite a nice collection of articles. So again, a good place to direct people.


We have members by location, national and, regional. You'll see that it mentions the products that those companies resell. We also have directories by industry. This is an industry focus, which as a partner, you can recommend. Let’s look at distribution. That's a popular one. These are partners that have told us that they want to be featured in this distribution industry. They could add a case study, some focus keywords and things like that, as well as our ISV partners are listed here as well. So, you can get to that Dynamics partner by industry here, or here on this industry directory listing as well.

This shows you the categories. If I click on any of these, I will see posts that have been put into the category for that product. And then under Free Resources we have things like videos, white papers, case studies. You can actually submit a case study to be featured. You can submit your events, different things like that. To get more information if you ever want to contact us, you can also scroll down to the bottom, contact the publishers. There's a nice login button here in case you forget.


On the sidebar, we have the add-on directory. I'll show you that in a moment. Also, buttons for the directory. For an instant dynamics, ERP quick quote. So we have this on the ERP Software Blog and the CRM Software Blog. And it's a tool that we've built to basically attract leads and then send those leads out to our partners. So, the prospect is asked for a bit of information about their company and the type of implementation. And when they click submit, they automatically get a personalized PDF sent back to them, and it will recommend the one Dynamics ERP partner that they were matched with. And then if that was you, you would get that lead and the information. And we definitely recommend that you contact them as those are pretty warm leads. I wish we could guarantee the quantity and quality of those leads. We can't, but we do try to get certainly as many as we can.

Going down the sidebar, we have a featured success story. This is a banner for a white paper, a group white paper that 20 of our members participated in. Again, some nice free exposure. You can sign up for RSS. This is great to really see what people are talking about on the sites. So add your email here. And then once a week, you'll get kind of a digest of emails that have been published.

We have our top authors, and this is based on the number of views, the most popular posts, and a list of blogs we recommend. So I think it's a good idea to take a look at those most popular posts, because you can maybe get some ideas of things that you want to write about with your own spin. Of course, we have Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels, and actually all of your content, every post, is promoted on our social channels. We do promote on Twitter and LinkedIn quite a bit. And then we give you an opportunity to post your videos on our YouTube channel as well.


Another thing I'd like to show you is we have a Member’s Only LinkedIn Group. This is something that we just started in 2021, but I'm already getting a lot of traction with it. In here I am putting recorded SEO reviews. When Dave does those for specific posts, when our members recommend them. If you ask an SEO question, Dave might put the answer out here to benefit the whole group, as well as putting our member Q&A call invitations. On Tuesdays, I'm trying to post a Tuesday tool. So something that I think that our blog members would like. So definitely recommend that you join this members only LinkedIn group. Just let me know if you'd like the link, and I will send that to you.


We also, as I mentioned, have LinkedIn pages for each of the blog sites where all your posts are promoted, and we do our best to tag you in those. It is done manually, so that makes it more personal. For the ERP Software Blog-LinkedIn , CRM Software Blog-LinkedIn and the ERP Cloud Blog-LinkedIn. Then we have our Twitter accounts as well, ERP Software Blog-Twitter, CRM Software Blog-Twitter, ERP Cloud Blog-Twitter, and our YouTube channel for the ERP Software Blog-YouTube and the CRM Software Blog-YouTube.


Another thing that I want to make sure that you see is our add-on product directory. We have this on the ERP Software Blog and the CRM Software Blog. This is a place where our ISV partners can list their products. You'll see that if you're a member you get this verified sign and you get a higher rank in the search results, but really any ISV partner can list their products for free. We really want to try to have a complete, nice-looking directory. So we're allowing people to put that in for free. And just brand new, we have this ability to even add reviews. That's very powerful as well. Definitely recommend that you check that out on both the ERP Software Blog and the CRM Software Blog. Our ISV partners are also listed here in the add-on product directory.


And one more thing you might want to take a look at is this top-rated posts (ERP Software Blog Top Rated Posts and CRM Software Blog Top Rated Posts). So on the sidebar, we have popular posts, and that's just absolutely based on numbers and the number of hits traffic visitors that those posts are getting. Now, these posts actually are using an algorithm that we developed that is not only the traffic, but also the time on page and several other factors that we measure so that we feel like these posts really are getting a lot of nice quality.

I encourage you to visit all three of the sites, look around, if there's any features that you're not familiar with and you want to know more about, please do that.

Another site you should take a look at is our brand-new Group Blogger site. Generally, this is where you would come to find out why you should join the sites. But also under resources, you'll find our New Member Welcome Kit. If you need a refresher, or if there's somebody new on your team, we definitely recommend that they come out here and read this information. For example, how do I set a different author on different posts? How do I schedule a post on a different day? A lot of those questions that we get asked. And these are all pulled from our member tip blog articles. Again, those same reminders. And there's even more out here on our resources member tips. If you have any questions at all, you can always contact us. And we look forward to working with you going forward.


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