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How To: Add Products to the ISV Add on Product Directory

We have the goal to build the most comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics ISV Add-On Directories on the web. We are actively driving traffic to these pages. In addition to your other directory listings (by company) be sure that you also add a directory listing for each of your products.

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Set up your Add-on product listing, create Action Buttons, add Reviews and Categories.

Log in into the blog site, click on “ISV Add-On Products” on the left-hand menu; click “Add New”.


TITLE - In the title field, enter the name of your product.

MAIN TEXT - In the main section, enter a description of your product. Include call to action links to direct readers where to get more information.


  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (TAGLINE)- Write a 60 character description/tagline that will appear under your product name on the product page. Use words that prospects are likely to search for to find your product. Best practice is to avoid repeating the product or company name again in this field, use different keywords.

  • PRODUCT LOGO - If you have a product logo that is different from your company logo you can upload it here. The logo should be square and the optimum size is 100 px by 100 px.

  • DEMO URL - If you have a page on your website where you host a demo video or where prospects can signup for a demo put that URL here.

  • FACTSHEET DOWNLOAD - If you have a page on your website where you host a product fact sheet web page or a pdf file put that URL to the web page or pdf file link here.

  • PRODUCT WEB PAGE - If you have a page on your site that is specific to this product you can add it here. If you leave this field blank, when prospects click the "Visit Website" button they will be directed to your site's homepage.


    • None if you do not want to show a pricing information action button on your listing.

    • Add pricing to this Post to populate a pop-up window that will appear when prospects click the "Pricing" Action Button

    • Send users to a pricing page on your site and you will be presented with a field to enter the URL to the pricing page on your site.

EXCERPT - This is the description that will show on the main ISV Directory page. Enter short, engaging text into the box, so people will know what your product does and they can click to learn more.

CATEGORIES (required - on right side bar) Choose from the three category check boxes on the right-side column of the page. These selections are used in filters that can be set by users on the directory page. Select one category from each list to be "Primary" and that category will be bolded on your page.

  • ISV Product Verticals (The industries that are the best fit for your product)

  • ISV ERP Versions (The Dynamics versions that your product will run on)

  • ISV Business Processes (The business processes that your product is directed to)

  • ISV Free Products (Select if your product is free or paid)

Note: We will only show the first four ERP Versions, Product Verticals and/or Business Processes selected on our ISV directory page, however, additional selections will be used for filtering.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: Adding reviews is one of best ways to get found on the web and encourage visitors to purchase your products. We make adding reviews easy by allowing you to collect reviews from your customers and submit them yourself.

Allow reviews to be posted. Click on the down arrow in the WP Customer Reviews section of the Add/Edit post area of the admin page.

  • Select "Yes" in the "Enable WP Customer Reviews for this page" field.

  • Choose "Product" in the "Review Format Section"

  • You do NOT need to fill in any other fields


  • When you are finished, click the PUBLISH

  • At the top of the screen you will see “Post published. View post”. View your product page, check all of your hyperlinks and action buttons for accuracy. If you need to make edits return to the admin page or click the "Edit ISV Add-on Product" link at the top of the page.

  • Go to or and apply filters for the categories you selected to see your directory listing.

  • If details about your product change in the future, please return to Step 1 to edit your listing. We will remind you to review your listing once per year.



Do you want to make sure your product listing is the best it can be? Schedule a call.

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