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How to: Add and Approve Reviews to Your ISV Directory Listing

Adding reviews is one of best ways to get found on the web and encourage visitors to purchase your products. We have seen proof that adding reviews to product listings in our ISV Add-On directories will make your product page show higher in Google search results.

We make adding reviews easy by allowing you to collect reviews from your customers and submit them yourself, as long as you can verify them. This means you can post reviews that may have been posted on other sites, in case studies, or personal conversations. If the review has been published on another site, we do suggest that you select portions of text so that they appear unique.

You can also send your product page URL to your customers and ask them to submit a review. They will NOT be required to log in.

Allow reviews to be posted:

Log in to the dashboard of the group blog. Go to ISV Add/On Products listing page and find your product listing. Look at the WP Customer Reviews section.

  1. Select "Yes" in the "Enable WP Customer Reviews for this page" field.

  2. Choose "Product" in the "Review Format Section"

Note: You do NOT need to fill in any other fields

Add a Review:

Reviews are added from the public product listing page on the website, not from the admin area.

  1. View your ISV product page on the main website (public view).

  2. Click the "Create your own review" button on the product page.

  3. Fill out the fields with a legitimate review you can verify OR send the link to your product page to your customers to submit a review.

Approve a Review:

Reviews will not be published until you approve them. You will be alerted when you receive new reviews so you can log in and publish them.

1. Return to the Dashboard of the blog site and click the Reviews option on the left side. Hover over the new review and Click Edit.

2. Click Publish on the right side of the review Edit page.


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