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Tip: Why ERP/CRM Partners Always Have Something To Blog About

I call it crazy talk.

I speak to a lot of owners of ERP and CRM companies about the benefits of group blogging.

A common objection that I get is “I don't have anything to write about”.

Let me just say right now that is crazy talk. If you've been in this industry for even a short time, you have plenty of things to write about.

Start Simple

Every blog post doesn't have to be an insightful essay full of well-researched statistics.

Start with questions that prospects and clients ask you all the time. You know the answers.

For example:

· Questions every prospect asks on a sales call.

· Questions every customer asks during or after an implementation.

· Questions you wish that they would ask.

You can include common objections and comparisons as questions too.

These are things that you answer over and over again, so you may not even realize are excellent topics for a blog post.

The next objection is: “Well, even if I did that, I am not good at writing and I don't have any time.”

1. Instead of sitting down at the computer and trying to write the answers RECORD yourself answering those questions. When you're driving to work or when you're taking a walk around the neighborhood, use your phone and record the answers.

2. Use a transcription service (like Record, click submit, and in a few hours, you get a transcription back in a Word document.

3. Polish that up into a blog post or send it to a writer. (Because you already have all the good deep content, the writer doesn't even need to know our industry.)

You will soon have plenty of content to post on our group blog sites to get more exposure (and leads) for your company.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

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