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How To: What are Quick Quote Leads?

Although the main benefit of the blog membership is Search Engine Optimization, everyone loves to receive leads. We have built proprietary systems to capture leads: the “ERP Quick Quote Tool” and “CRM Quick Quote Tool.” Prospects are invited to get a free ERP/CRM cost estimate including licenses, maintenance, estimated implementation, and deployment costs. They fill in a minimal amount of info about their project, and the tool automatically generates and emails a personalized Quick Quote PDF.

Leads are distributed based on the author page and then by geography. To reward authors for posting, if the prospect requests a Quick Quote while they are on the page of a blog you wrote, that lead will be sent to you. In all other cases, it will go to regional partners based on geography. Each lead is sent to only ONE member.

When the lead is sent to you, your contact info is included in their Quick Quote. The info they submitted, along with a copy of the PDF, is automatically emailed to you. (If you want to see a sample, fill out the form but enter TEST as company name and choose your own state). Please add to your safe senders list: and

These leads are often serious buyers in the buying cycle. Many of the leads have resulted in closed deals, and we encourage you to contact them immediately. We wish we could control the quantity/quality of these leads but we cannot. We make no guarantees. We encourage you to follow our tips to drive local traffic to the site.

Prospects are told that this is NOT a binding proposal, only an estimate, as we realize your pricing may differ from the averages we give.

We know that several of our members have closed deals from these leads. If you have success from one of these Quick Quote leads, we’d love to hear it!

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

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