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How To: Start Using the Blog Sites and Publish Your First Post

Welcome to your blog membership!

  1. Once your user profile is set up, you will receive an email confirmation with login credentials.

  2. View the recorded New Member Training to learn how to write for SEO and how to use our site.

  3. Review the Tips and How To posts on this site.

  4. Review these helpful blog post tips:

STEP 2: Write Your First Blog Post

Write a post. Please write posts in a Word document first so you can spell-check. We recommend that posts be at least 500 words. Certainly not less than 250 words. Longer posts are okay too, as long as you think your reader will stay engaged.

Write a strong headline! Make it short, engaging and include KEYWORDS, ideally at the beginning of the title.

Add links to post

  • Add approx. 1 link per 100 words (but use your judgment) to direct readers back to your site.

  • Ask: “What would a prospect type into a search engine?” and link from those keyword phrases. Throw in a few pure URLs to change things up. Do not always hyperlink from the same text. Search engines like you to mix it up.

  • Link to interior pages on your website.

  • Link to pages that contain link phrase words on the page (and title tags if possible).

  • Use the same link only once per post (duplicate links are disregarded by Google).

  • Include a strong call to action (download, offer, event).

  • Include local city/state keywords whenever possible.

Add “signature/byline” at the end of each post. Hyperlink from keyword phrase to your home page.

For example: by CAL Business Solutions - Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

Important: You must add this as this is the only way people will know you wrote the post when it is syndicated or viewed in RSS feed

STEP 3: Submit Your First Post Online

  1. Log in at or or (If you forget your password, click on the link to resend).

  2. Click on “Posts, Add New.”

  3. Click on “Paste as Text” Icon (if you can’t see that click “Toggle Toolbar” icon on the far right of the top toolbar. Copy and Paste Text and Headline.

  4. Add Tags.

  5. Add approx. 3 categories (on ERP blog and ERP Cloud blog choose only ONE “About product” category)

  6. Be sure to add a byline.

  7. Preview your post; confirm links are working properly.

  8. Publish your post.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use images unless you have created or purchased them. “Free” images from Google can still have hidden copyright restrictions. Remember that per your membership agreement your company is responsible for all images and text you post on the blog site. Read this tip.

Our team is always here to help, just reach out to us.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

Questions: Email us at


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