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How To: Add or Remove Contact Information For Your Account

Do you have new people at your company? Has someone left?

It is a good idea to regularly confirm that that the right person is receiving the right information for your group blog account. Ask us at any time to give you a list of contacts.

Or submit new contacts on the form here: Submit Changes to Your Account

These are the categories we use contacts for:

  • Blog User Admin Account:  One main contact-name and email. (where password resets are sent)

  • Blog Profile Page Contact: One main contact-name and email.

  • Announcements/Stats/Training Emails:  Can be multiple emails. (this one is important, add everyone related to your blog account)

  • Quick Quote & White Paper Lead Emails: One main contact-name and email. Optional:  Add up to 2 additional emails to receive leads.

  • Website Visitor Alerts Emails: One main contact-name and email. (you can opt out if you prefer)

  • Billing Contact: Can be multiple emails. (Billing info can be changed/updated online on secure forms for Credit Card or ACH)

Please alert us if any of your contacts change. Submit Changes to Your Account.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

Questions? Email me at


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