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How To: Add a Featured Image to Your Blog Post

Social media posts get more engagement when they have a good photo.

Have you ever noticed the Featured image widget on the Add New Post screen and wondered, “What is that for, and should I add featured images to my posts?” The quick answer is, YES. Add a featured image!

Why? If there is no image in your post, by default, your posts from ERP/CRM Software Blogs have a generic image that will show on social media previews. It is much better if you choose the image you want displayed.

How to Add a Featured Image to Your Blog Post

To add a Feature image, go to the Featured image widget on your Add New Post screen.

(Note: If you don’t see the widget, follow these instructions on adding the widget to your screen.)

Click on Set featured image.

At this point you will see images you have used in this post. You are welcome to use one of those if you like. Just click the image you want to use, and it will have a blue check next to it.

If you didn’t use any images in your post, or you want to add a new image to feature, you can just “Drop and Drag” the new image into the media library.

Then click the button, Set featured image, on the bottom right corner.

It is that easy. Now when anyone shares your blog post on social sites, it will pull the Featured image to share with it.

Remember, if you do not use the featured image option when sharing the post link, the social platform will pull the a generic screenshot image we set up, so it is best to be proactive and add it before publishing.

NOTE: Once a blog post is published it is hard to change the featured image. This tip might work.


By Group Bloggers Editor,

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