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How to: See a Missing Screen Options Widget When Adding a Post

Have you ever started to add a new blog post but noticed some of the options you want to use are missing from the Add New Post screen? For example: Categories, Yoast SEO or Featured Image. If one of your options is missing or seems like it was never there, this is an easy fix.

On the Add New Post screen at the top right corner, under your name, you will find a button for Screen Options. Click this button to open the Screen Options display screen.

From here you can add and/or remove various elements from your post screen. Just check boxes to add the elements you want or, uncheck to remove them. You can also change your layout from a single column to 2 columns.

Once you are done with your updates, close the Screen Options box.

Note: After the elements you have chosen are added to your screen, you have the ability to move those option widgets up and down the column to where you would like them.

If something still seems to be missing, please contact us for assistance.


By Group Bloggers Editor,

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