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How Long Will It Take To See Results With Group Blogging?

Everyone wants fast results. So how long will it take before you see results from group blogging?

Honestly, the time frame depends upon the amount and quality of posts written for the blog.

If you post one unique article per month, which we recommend, we think you can expect results within 6 months to justify the cost both by the amount of traffic received and by the backlinks created. If you want to speed up the ROI we would recommend posting more often, at least for the first 3 or 4 months, to give the content campaign a “kick start”.

Now, that being said, Google will index articles in less than a week after they are published.

So well-crafted pieces that target popular searches can start to yield impressions and views very quickly.

This article ranks #4 in Google Search after three days. If “Year-end close in dynamics 365 Business Central” is an active search term they will see an ROI VERY quickly:

Also, regarding ROI, that depends on what return you are looking for. We would argue that with clicks for ERP keywords costing in the $20 range, a well-written article could yield ROI in the first month.

It all depends on your level of participation, the types and quality of articles that you write and how frequently you post.

Take a look at our group blog member testimonials You will see that different members focus on different points as being their markers of success.

But remember, you can’t see ANY results until you get started. So sign up for a group blog membership now and try it out. (We never lock you into long contracts).

By ERP Software Blog Editors,


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