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Tip: Should You Post On You Own Blog Or A Group Blog?

Location, Location, Location.

They say that location is the key to value, and the same is true with blog posts. Many people ask me where they should post their content - on their own blog or on the group blog site. (I know it is tempting to post the same article on both sites, but we all know that duplicate content is bad unless you do it in a safe way).

Here are few ideas that work for other Partners:

  1. Post your existing customer content on your own blog and prospect focused content on the group blog.

  2. Write two blog posts per month - put one on your blog and one on the group blog or alternate months.

  3. Write one post, pay for a rewrite (or perhaps it is included in your membership package) and add that to the group blog.

In the end, my answer to the question, “Should I Post On My Own Blog or A Group Blog?” is that ideally you should post on both sites. But if you can only choose one, then choose the site that will give you the most traffic to that post.

Dave says, "We do not make rules, but we can give you recommendations on what strategy will give you the most SEO value. If your company blog is not very strong in search results and the home page of your site has a “Domain Authority” below 30 we recommend you put 90% of the original copies of your posts on the group blogs. (Check domain authority with OpenSiteExplorer)

This will insure that you get the most readers and visitors to the post but still have a duplicate post available as a resource on your company site. And the 10% of original posts on your company blog will use the strength of the group blogs to boost the Domain Authority of your company site.

If your company site has a Domain Authority of 30 or above we recommend doing a 50/50 split with half of your original posts on your own company blog and half on the group blogs.

Domain Authority is a rough measurement of how your site stacks up against other sites on the web based on backlinks and other factors. It roughly corresponds to how your site will rank on Google when competing with other sites for the same keyword string and using similar content and meta-tags."

What is your strategy?

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

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