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Extra Membership Bonus Items

I want to tell you a little bit about some of the extra features that are included with your membership, that sometimes our members forget to take advantage of. If you go to, (hopefully you know that this is where you can find training links and articles about how to use the blog site) there are sections, “Extras for Everyone”, “Extras for VAR Members” and “Extras for ISV Members”.


When you log into the blog site, you can see this is where you would:

  • Add-on Products - Add your add-on products. We'll do a separate training on that. (How to Add Product to ISV Directory Video)

  • Events - Add your events, in person or virtual, of course.

  • Comments - If you get a comment, you will get an email sent out to you. I can click here under mine just to see the comments that are coming in for this company. I can choose to unapprove or reply to them. To be honest, a lot of them tend to be spam, but it's hard for us to filter all of those. So feel free to come in here and click it to spam, approve it or, unapprove it. But if it is a good comment, please do go ahead and click reply. Or you can actually just go to that blog post over here. You could click the view post and just leave a reply that way. If you get a comment that you just don't agree with but it's not spam, it's good to leave it up there and leave a reply to show that you are a live person, a real author with opinions and views and you can get a dialogue going.

  • Your Profile - This is where you would see the admin email of your account. The account admin is where password resets are sent to. We don’t give you a lot of ability for self-service right now. We will make any changes for you if you want to change the information on your profile page, change your contacts, and we're happy to log in and change the admin for you as well. But this is just one place where you could do it if you wanted to. You can upload a new 80 x 80 logo if you wanted to. But honestly, I kind of think it's better if you just use us for concierge service and we do those things for you.

Make sure that you check out the New Member Welcome Kit, which lists all the extras. You can also go to the blog site and see the categories here and we will continually add to those.

Another great place for you to find out about programs, new things, opportunities for projects and things that we're doing is to make sure that you join our Members Only LinkedIn Group. So this is something we started in 2021 and it's really getting much more active. We're putting out some great recorded training calls in here, little SEO snippet reviews, invitations to our Q&A calls and different tools that I think would be helpful to marketers. We recommend that you come out and do that and we look forward to helping you to use all the free benefits of your blog membership.


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