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Tip:8 Ways the ERP/CRM Software Blogs Help Dynamics ISV Partners Get Found

It is all about being found. If you are a Dynamics ISV partner you want your brand to be found, and known, by prospects and by partners. That has gotten harder in recent times.

So, you need to make sure that you are taking advantage of all the opportunities you do have to be known within the Dynamics channel and market.

Here are 8 ways the ERP and CRM Software Blog sites help you do that:

1) Blog Posts – by posting your content on the group blog site you get more eyeballs on your information and drive more traffic back to your website. Including important niche keywords important to your ISV market.

2) Company Directory – Be listed in the directory by company name.

3) Industry Directory – Choose one or more industries and get found on these directory pages.

4) Product Directory – Promote your product to visitors who are looking for specific functionality in this directory.

5) Video Promotion – Show your videos and case study videos.

6) Quarterly Email – Submit news each quarter to be shared with the 150+ Dynamics VAR and ISV blog members. (Plus special emails during Dynamics events).

7) Group Projects – Get invited to participate in group projects such as exclusive group white papers and blog member events.

8) Pay Per Click Ads- Our Turnkey and VIP members get pay per click ads just to promote their products.

Membership in the ERP Software Blog and CRM Software Blog is a great way for Dynamics ISV partners to get found. Of course there are other directory sites you can be listed on, but our group blogs are the oldest and most established, with the most traffic.

You want to get found. We want to help.

NEW: If you have an add-on product for Microsoft Dynamics ERP you can list your product in our Microsoft Dynamics ERP Add-on Product Directory for free. Request a free listing here.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

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