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Is it a Waste to Put My Content on a Third Party Site?

Question: The idea with blogging is to attract visitors to your personal website and not depend on third-party blogging platforms. You want to benefit from your hard work, but third-party sites can cut off your traffic source whenever they wish. How do you see your Group Blog sites fitting into this marketing strategy? Answer:

That is a valid question, most SEO firms are trained to think this way. But we encourage you to consider these points that make our group blogs very valuable to an ERP/CRM Partner in our specific industry.

1) Our group blogs allow your company to be found on a site highly relevant to your niche market. Our directories feature the world's top VAR/SI and ISV partners. You want to be listed where they are. Prospects often tell our members, "I find your posts all over the web." (Read our testimonials)

2) Like any other advertising campaign, you want multiple touchpoints with your prospect both before and after the lead comes in. Having your own website and blog as the only touchpoint for a content marketing campaign diminishes the credibility of your posts. Being seen on the web on multiple sites makes you appear to be a thought leader in your market.

3) The group blogs provide the ability to rewrite or summarize posts, target different keywords, and then link to original posts to drive up to 2x more traffic because of exposure and links. This creates the opportunity to have a topic show up on more keywords or show up higher on the page for different keywords.

4) You can post both on your own site and the group blogs with similar topics so your information can dominate the search for a particular niche topic. Also, when prospects see your message on a third-party site alongside other experts, it holds more weight.

5) Our members report that when prospects go to their site after reading their posts on our site, they are already warmed up. A level of trust has already been built, as evidenced by the lower bounce rates for traffic from our site.

If you would like to talk more about the benefits of our group blogs, please reach out to us at

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