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How To: Set a Different Author for Specific Posts or Change the Default Author Name

Each blog account has a default author name that you selected when you signed up. This author name shows up automatically after the title.

Some companies choose to make it a generic company name, other companies choose to add a personal name. For example, it could be “BestVAR Inc.” or “Bob Brown, BestVAR Inc.”

We can change the default author name for you at any time BUT be aware that this will change the author name of ALL the future AND past posts to this name.

Many companies like to set a specific author name for certain posts, to give credit to the person who wrote it within the organization.

Instructions to change the author name for a specific post:

  • In the “Add New Post” screen scroll down to the “Alternate Author” section and enter an author name or name plus company name such as John Smith, GreatVAR Inc. This will show at the top of the screen when your blog is published.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

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