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11 Creative Ways ERP/CRM Partners Get More Mileage out of Case Studies & Success Stories

When you consider the work involved in putting together a case study, you'll want to get all possible mileage out of each one. How can you be sure your case studies see a wider audience than just those who visit your company website?

Here are 11 creative ways to get more exposure for each case study or customer success story:

  1. Blog posts: Case studies make great topics for your company's blog. You can summarize the information in one or more posts.

  2. Social media: You can select "teasers" to post on social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Use industry hashtags and links leading back to the full case study.

  3. E-mail blast Get out your prospects list and forward the case study where appropriate.

  4. Testimonials or quotes: The testimonials and quotes from your successful customers are priceless as advertisements. Put them on various pages of your website.

  5. Direct mail: Include your case study in industry-specific marketing campaigns. Maybe include a small promotional gift to ensure that the mail is opened.

  6. "Snoozing" leads: Do you have dormant leads? A new case study gives you an excuse to reach out to them again and say, "hey, read our latest case study." You can do that by snail mail, e-mail, or direct messaging.

  7. Industry eBook: If you have several case studies or success stories, you can combine them in an Industry- or product-focused eBook. Use Canva or hire an artist on Fiverr to do this for you if you don't have in-house graphics.

  8. Referral sources, vendors, collaborators, internal team members: Send a copy of the case study to your referral sources so they understand your area of expertise. Share with Microsoft or other collaborators to showcase what you've been doing for clients. And don't forget to share success stories with team members who played a role in the win.

  9. Videos: Use your case study as the basis of a video shot at the client's location.

  10. Webinars, interviews, podcasts: Invite the client for a live interaction discussing their experience with your company.

  11. Press releases: Rewrite the main points as a press release and send it to appropriate outlets. There are many effective ways that you can use your case studies and client success stories to drive interest back to your business. Once you've put the time and expense into generating a case study, you'll want to get as much mileage as possible out of each one. A good case study will keep working for you year after year.

Case Study Writing Services If you want me to write case studies for you, let me know, this is a service I offer for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partners.

I've been in this Dynamics channel for 20+ years so I assure you I know all the lingo and selling points to highlight.

Here are a few samples of recent work:

By Anya Ciecierski, ERP/CRM Software Blog Editor & Collaboration Works Marketing

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