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How To: Review the Most Popular Posts on the ERP/CRM Software Blogs

It is a good idea to imitate what works.

Reviewing the most popular posts on the group blogs can give you ideas of the kind of content to publish.

These “top posts” are ranked by two factors.

  • Traffic: the number of times the post was read.

  • Popularity: the level of engagement as measured by “time on page" metrics.

There is nothing wrong with posting on the same topic, just give it your own spin.

In our experience, the most popular posts are:

1) Comparisons – compare your product versus another product. (Hint: use the word “compare” or “comparison” in the title).

2) Pricing –mention specific dollar amounts that can help buyers with budgeting.

3) Niche industry content – discuss a specific vertical and include industry “jargon” and keywords to show that you know it well. (Hint: these posts may not get as much traffic, but the readers are more qualified.

Posts that are shared on other sites or by key influencers can become very popular. Try to nurture these relationships, so your content is top of mind.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

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