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How To: Add Links From Your Website to the Blog Site

To drive more traffic to the sites, which helps everyone, we encourage you to put links from your company website to pages on the blog site.

We suggest one link to the home page (i.e., or or and a second link to your company branded profile page or author page (for example

The best pages to link from are the “About Us” page and/or a dedicated ERP/CRM product page on your site. Ideally, put links on 2 separate pages within your site with different sentences. It is important that the links are in a complete sentence (see example) as a full URL. These links should not be placed below your page footer (near your copyright statement). Don’t use the exact same text shown in the example; make it your own.

Example: (Company Name) is a contributor to providing comparisons and opinions to professionals in the ERP/Accounting software selection process.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

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