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Tip: The Correct Way to Use Headings in Blog Posts For SEO

When using Headings and/or Subheadings in your rewrites, it is important to use heading tags in the proper order.

This matters to both readers and search engines.

It lets readers quickly skim the ideas covered in your article, and it lets search engines know the importance of the material you are presenting.

Many may choose their heading level based on esthetics, but choosing your headings in the right way is important.

How to Set Heading Levels

Your post title is automatically assigned the Heading 1 (H1) tag by WordPress. The Heading 1 (H1) tag should only be used for the post title and not used again.

Within the body of the post, your first heading on the page would be assigned Heading 2 (H2)

Then the first subheading under each Heading 2 (H2) would be Heading 3 (H3) and so on. (see example)

To change your headings, click on the drop-down list under Add Media and choose the proper heading level.

Why Headers Matter for SEO

The order of headings is also important for accessibility for handicapped people using screen readers. It will help a visually impaired person understand the importance of headings on a page. It will also help a Google bot understand which keywords and concepts are most important and may help the page rank better in search results.

Sometimes, however the font sizes you want to use may not make sense within the layout of your page. If that is the case, then try to make changes to your page layout. Accessibility is becoming more and more important and is no doubt a Google ranking factor on it’s on merits.

If you are in doubt about how to use headers in your post send the question to

By ERP Software Blog Editors,

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