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Mini Masterclass:

Pro Tips to Update and Optimize Older Blog Posts

There is a never-ending demand to create more content in less time. In this 15 minute session I will give you my best strategies to get extra mileage out of old content by re-writing, re-purposing and re-optimizing. Plus, tips and tools to write better blog posts faster.

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The TM Group

"We just got 3 leads from both CRM and ERP blogs we wrote – I am impressed by readership reach! Both called our office and specifically referenced either seeing the blogs we wrote. We have had 2 people call on this post already. So far, the number of new clients closed from our website has doubled over last year, and we know that is due in large part to our membership in the ERP and CRM Software Blogs."

– Ken Jacobson (Member since 2009)

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