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Member Accelerator Series

When we come across companies that we feel can provide real value to our members, we want to share. These are not sales presentations, they offer education and tips specifically targeted to you as VAR and ISV bloggers. Check again later, more sessions will be added. 
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Microsoft Marketplaces Made Simple


Thursday April 11, 2024

Presented by George Swiger, Redmond Partner Group

Microsoft announced FY24 as the year of the marketplace - for partners to be relevant, they must have a transactable offer in one of the MS marketplaces.This webinar will attempt to simplify and demystify the process to publish a transactable marketplace offer. It will provide a practical roadmap, resources, and guidance to :

•              Understand the different marketplaces and types of offers

•              Create a compelling offer that can be found by prospective buyers

•              Develop product version and  pricing strategies

•              Solve for the technical integration design and requirements

•              Understand deployment and operational considerations

At the end of webinar, you will have the tools and resources to embark on creating your own transactable marketplace offer!

ERP Software Blog & Ciellos: Insider Tips to Maximize Microsoft Incentives Programs and Co-op Opportunities

In this session, Ben Reid and Joseph Corigliano from Ciellos educated our members about essential incentive opportunities for the Microsoft Business Applications Partner in FY24, with an emphasis on Presales opportunities, CSP earning potential, and how to leverage co-op funds. (Even for marketing activities like your group blog membership). We'll also discuss ISV facing transaction-based incentives. 


Air date: February 2023

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