Tip: Sample ERP or CRM Software Blog Topic Ideas

Updated: Feb 1

Not sure what to write about? See if any of these generic topic ideas will kick start your brainstorming process.

  • 10 questions to ask your Software VAR before you sign the contract.

  • 5 steps to a smooth software upgrade.

  • How ERP/CRM helped (client x) to solve (issue x).

  • Why company x is looking for new accounting/CRM software – specific issues/pain points.

  • Personal thoughts on industry statistic/article/white paper.

  • How to know if you are outgrowing QuickBooks (or Zoho CRM etc…).

  • How you tell if you are outgrowing a proprietary software – benefits of ERP/CRM.

  • How feature x is different in ERP/CRM vs. (competitor).

  • Does hosting software or SAAS save money?

  • How to determine your needs for software before starting to research packages.

  • Cool add on tools we have used to make (product) better.

  • Why it makes sense to spend money on accounting/CRM software when business is down.

  • Why it makes sense to spend money on training for new accounting/CRM software system.

  • What types of training are available for ERP/CRM?

  • Microsoft maintenance plans – how to budget for them, what they include, how they compare.

  • Interesting story from a recent training class.

  • Interesting story from a recent implementation.

  • Toughest install we ever had.

  • Should you choose a VAR based on location or vertical experience?

  • Why ERP/CRM projects go over budget.

  • How to choose a VAR. How to choose an ISV.

  • Sites to research ERP/CRM software features.

  • Should you hire a software selection consultant to review software choices for you?

  • A guide to acronyms and terms used by software vendors.

  • Questions a VAR will ask during the first meeting.

  • Questions you should ask during the software demo.

  • Top reports our clients love.

  • Experiences you have with companies in day to day life that make you wish they had ERP. (bad invoices, can’t check inventory, slow customer service) or CRM (bad mailings, poor customer service, give phone # 10 times).

  • Great examples of customer service - relate how their software system probably helped them do this.

  • Why a company chose ERP/CRM and why another company did not.

  • How we used a specific ISV product to make software a perfect fit for the client.

  • What happens as larger vendors reduce the complexity of their products to enter the SMB market?

  • Who should have access to the accounting software system – suppliers, partners, customers, front office facing employees?

  • Top 10 sites to research accounting or CRM software.

  • Fixed Bid/Fast path Implementations – Good or Bad?

  • Specific promotion prospect used to save money on ERP/CRM (make ita story, not a sales coupon).

  • Top reasons for project delays.

  • “Worst practices” for implementation

  • Why do ERP/CRM projects go over budget?

  • What is scope creep and how to avoid?

  • What pain points does your ISV product solve?

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

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