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Tip: Four Ideas to Promote Your Session During an Event

What if you plan a party and nobody shows up? Or worse, just one or two show up and you stare awkwardly at each other while they wonder where all the cool people went instead?

The same is true if you present a session at an event.

Don’t just rely on the event coordinators to promote your session, do your part to get people into the room to listen to you. Attendees usually have several sessions to choose from during a single time slot, and plenty of people to distract them in the hallways, so you have tough competition.

Of course, prior to the event you want to blog, tweet and update your social media channels to promote your event. Blog on your own site, LinkedIn and group blogs. Add your blogs to various LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups and of course, Twitter. Be sure to use the event hashtag for the best chances of reaching the right audience.

Note: When group blog members add their event to our events calendars we promote this for you on our LinkedIn Pages for extra exposure.

There are several things you can do to promote your session DURING the event. Here are a few ideas:

1) Invitations

At the event hand out “invitations” with the title/time/room # of your session. Business cards or postcards are extremely inexpensive. Print up a batch before the event and start handing them to people you speak with in the hallways or at meals. Leave them on breakfast tables, or if you are especially bold, slip them under hotel room doors. (Assuming this is legal, I never asked).

2) Live Tweets

Post tweets about your session right up until it starts. (It will be easier if you schedule these in advance, just make sure you get your timing right). Then put your twitter handle on every slide of your presentation and ask people to tweet during the session. This can attract stranglers from the hallway, or get people to come to your next session. Again, be sure to use the event hashtag.

Here is a great example from Jon Rivers:

4) Twitter/LinkedIn profile

Change your Twitter and LinkedIn profile text to include the title/time/room # of your session. When you tweet or post during the event (with the event hashtag) people who don’t know you will click on your profile and see that you are presenting a session. I have seen this work well for event sponsors too. When I looked at their profile to see who they were, it included their booth number. (Just remember to change your profile again after the event.)

One last piece of advice....

Make sure you choose a great title for your session. It needs to stand out from everything else in the session catalog. Use the same principles you use when writing a blog post title- at first glance the reader should be intrigued by the title, it has to catch their attention. It should tell them who should attend, what it is about and what they will learn. In just one sentence. It is not an easy task but if you spend time to craft a great session title, you will need to spend less time at the event pulling people into an empty room.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

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