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How To: What Are These MergedAnalytics Email Alerts I Receive?

As a free service from the blog, VAR members will receive email website visitor tracking alerts of companies that visit the blog sites. These are not “leads,” simply visitors to the site. These companies are not only reading your articles; they can be visiting any page of the site, and are distributed based on their geography. These emails will be sent from the domain

Similar to other website visitor tools, you will only receive the company name. But you can easily click on the LinkedIn/Google icons to do your own research to find contact names.  The keywords and destination links provide clues about what this company was interested in and help you determine if they might be worth following up with. (Note: we do not filter the alerts, so undoubtedly you will receive alerts of competitors and other companies that will not be valuable).

Some of our members have reported success adding these companies to cold-call telemarketing lists or event invites. Others use them to watch trends, keywords, or client/prospect activity.

This is an affordable tool you can use on your own website too. With your own paid account, you can track when a client "crosses over" to your company website from our Blogs, track Social Media activity, and get down to a contact name/email using MergedAnalytic's API connection to MailChimp, MS Dynamics, ClickDimensions, iContact, or ActiveCampaign (with more integrations to come soon). Contact MergedAnalytics and mention the blog sites.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

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