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How To: How To Use Keywords In Your Posts and Suggested Keyword List

Keywords are extremely important. Here are some best practices and suggestions.

Best Practices:

  • The most important place to use keywords is in your title!

  • Choose a “focus keyword” (or keyword phrase) for each post and try to use it at least three times in the post.

Here are some generic keywords that work well for our industry:

ERP Software Blog Keywords List

(substitute GP for SL, NAV, AX, 365….)

Microsoft Dynamics GP Cost

Microsoft Dynamics GP Price

Microsoft Dynamics GP Modules

Dynamics GP Business Essentials

Dynamics GP Advanced Management

Compare Advanced Management with Business Essentials

Compare Dynamics GP Editions

Compare Dynamics GP Versions

Microsoft Dynamics GP Reseller

Microsoft Dynamics GP Consulting

Microsoft Dynamics GP Experts

Microsoft Dynamics GP Consulting

Microsoft Dynamics GP Consultants

Microsoft Dynamics GP Support

Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales

Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

Microsoft Dynamics GP Service

Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics GP Customization

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Industry

For example:

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Non Profit

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Healthcare

Compare Dynamics GP to Peachtree

Compare Dynamics GP to Sage

Compare Dynamics GP to Oracle

Compare Dynamics GP to SAP

Compare Dynamics GP to QuickBooks Enterprise

Compare ERP Software

Compare Accounting Software

Compare Financial Software

Best ERP Software

Microsoft ERP Software

Microsoft Accounting Software

Microsoft Financial Software

Best Accounting Software Package

Microsoft Accounting Software

ERP Software Consultants + (Name of Location)

Accounting Software Consultants + (Name of Location)

Microsoft Business Software

Microsoft Business Applications

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Enterprise Resource Software

*Incorporate your Location (city, state)

CRM Software Blog Keywords List

Similar Keywords to ERP list (swap with CRM or Dynamics 365….)

Microsoft CRM Vs.

CRM for Outlook

outlook CRM

best CRM software

CRM software comparison

web based CRM software

online CRM software

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

CRM for (industry)

CRM software reviews

CRM software review

CRM software solutions

CRM software vendor

CRM ERP software

CRM database software

sage CRM software

CRM software integration

top CRM software

top 10 CRM software

choosing CRM software

comparing CRM software

CRM software comparisons

CRM software price

CRM software pricing

popular CRM software

XRM software

top rated CRM software

customer relationship management software

ERP Cloud Blog Keywords List

Cloud ERP Cost

Cloud ERP Pricing

Cloud ERP Price

Cloud ERP Modules for ( )

Cloud ERP Addons for ( )

VAR Keywords

Cloud ERP Reseller

Cloud ERP Consulting

Cloud ERP Experts

Cloud ERP Consultants

Cloud ERP Support

Cloud ERP Sales

Cloud ERP Partner

Cloud ERP Implementation

Cloud ERP Service

Cloud ERP Implementation

Cloud ERP Customization

Cloud ERP (for Industry)

For example:

Cloud ERP for Non Profit

Cloud ERP for Distribution

Cloud ERP for Healthcare

Compare Cloud ERP to xyz software (Or Any Two ERP Cloud Software Platforms)

Cloud ERP Reviews

Also can be used to replace “Cloud ERP”:

Online accounting software

Cloud based ERP software

Web based ERP software

Cloud accounting

Would you like a personalized keyword review? Contact us.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

Questions? Email me at


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