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How Group Blog Members Use Content Marketing to Generate Leads

Is there an ERP or CRM Partner out there that couldn’t use more leads? The success of your business depends on new clients, and one of the best ways to find them is to place content where they will be likely to look.

We began our group blogs in 2009 as a place for our VAR and ISV Partners to showcase their knowledge and competence in Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM. The premise was that by working together, we could interact with customers engaged in the ERP/CRM selection process. Our content could then attract them to our company.

According to DemandMetric, 91% of email users unsubscribe from company emails, and 44% ignore direct mail. On the other hand, 80% of buyers prefer learning about a company through custom content rather than advertising.

As a result of content marketing and strategic link-building, contributors to our group blogs have attracted high-quality leads that have already shown an interest in their company.

The Power of the Group

Most businesses today post blogs on their own website. So why should you consider a group blog?

The group blog complements and strengthens your website content by providing broader exposure through internet search engines. Customers who have heard of your business may find your website, but a group blog will expose your ideas and expertise to many who have never heard of you.

Consider these points:

  • In most cases, the group blog sites have a higher page rank in the Google algorithm than company website blogs. In other words, your articles posted on the group blog show up #1 in Google organic search results. (Note: We show our members how to post on multiple blogs without being penalized for duplicate content.)

  • By rewriting and posting high-quality blogs on multiple sites, our members can rank for more keywords and capture a broader audience.

  • We also teach our members how to convert content such as videos and podcasts into written content that they can post on multiple websites.

Get more exposure and generate more leads by joining a group blogging site. Membership to the ERP Software Blog, ERP Cloud Blog, or CRM Software Blog is simple. We don’t have a lot of confusing membership levels or long-term commitments, just one low monthly fee.

Become a member and experience the benefits of group blogging.

By Dave Foreman,

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