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MSDW Interview Series
(For VAR/ISV Partners)
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ERP Horror Stories * CRM Horror Stories
Lessons to Avoid Disastrous Mistakes

As a Microsoft partner, you have undoubtedly been shocked to uncover the organizational horror within some Dynamics user organizations. A poorly executed setup, a company using products they should never have been sold, or even a full rescue from the aftermath of a disastrous implementation, you have seen it all.


Helping to solve these challenges, you have gained valuable insights into the issues and mistakes that Dynamics users may encounter with their ERP or CRM systems. Now is your chance to share your knowledge with other Dynamics users, offering guidance and wisdom based on your firsthand experiences.


Hosted by MSDynamicsWorld (MSDW) and moderated by Anya Ciecierski, creator of and, this entertaining (and scary) new webcast series, "ERP/CRM Horror Stories: Lessons to Avoid Disastrous Mistakes," will attract Dynamics customer organizations who:

  • Are unhappy with their existing partner

  • Do not currently have a partner

  • Need rescuing from a bad implementation


As a partner, you have the unique opportunity to share the ERP or CRM horror stories you've witnessed (without mentioning any names) and provide invaluable strategic guidance and thought leadership to Dynamics users who have encountered similar challenges.

By showcasing your expertise, you aim to not only assist them in overcoming their ERP or CRM struggles but also establish a strong connection that may lead them to become your valued customers.



  • 30-45 minute pre-recorded interview webcast presented as three semi-live sessions on MSDynamicsWorld. (Run three times in a single day to reach prospects in different time zones).

  • You collect attendee registration information for webcasts and 30 days on demand.



  • Initial call with MSDW editorial staff re: messaging and story selection (optional).

  • Interview prep call re: specific ERP or CRM Horror customer story/stories.

  • Final 30-45 minute recorded interview with subject matter expert.

  • MSDW will handle all logistic elements (pre-recording, speaker coordination, editing).



  • Three dedicated email blasts to targeted groups of MSDW site members identified as Dynamics users.

  • Inclusion in MSDW "Upcoming Events" email.

  • Social media promotion by and

  • Posting on "Live Events" section on MSDW and ERP/CRM Software Blog



  • Recorded webcast posted to MSDW video library.

  • Inclusion in MSDW "New On-Demand Webcasts" email.

  • 1 dedicated on-demand MSDW email blast.


Cost: $6000 flat fee OR

NEW Pay-Per-Lead:

Pay Per Lead price:

• Base price per recorded webcast: $1,000
• Cost per lead: $95

• Cost per on-demand lead: $75

(see media kit for full details)


Questions: Email


I realize that some of the best stories will come from small VARs with a tight marketing budget.

For a limited time, take advantage of a lower priced option (without the lead component) to showcase your expertise through an ERP or CRM Horror Story.


  • Phone call interview with Anya Ciecierski

  • Professionally written blog post of your ERP or CRM Horror Story

  • Original article to be published on your website 

  • Rewrite of article to be published published on ERP Software Blog or CRM Software Blog

  • Promotion on social media by ERP/CRM Software Blog and Anya Ciecierski

Price: $750


Dexpro Dynamics


“One of the attendees from our ERP Horror Stories session told me he had read one of my blog articles years ago and recognized my name. Based on that, and the intriguing title of the ERP Horror Story, he reached out to move forward with our relationship. This alone will make our participation worthwhile.”


– Marlena Stark, CEO, Dexpro Dynamics



“Anya's captivating approach in the ERP Horror Story webinar not only elevated our content but effectively cut through the noise, expanding our reach to a niche audience of decision-makers within regulated industries. The high-quality programming from MSDW not only enhanced our credibility but also produced top-notch leads.” 

Amy Spencer, VP of US Marketing, HSO

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