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Tip: Blog Rewrites Give You More Content With Less Work

If you want to use the same content on multiple blog sites, the best strategy is to rewrite it so that the content is fresh. This does not just mean changing the title and a few sentences. It should be less than 50% the same as something that has already been published. You don’t need to guess on this, you can use a site like to get an exact percentage.

Who can rewrite your content?

Honestly, it is hard to rewrite your own content; if you wrote it, you liked the way you wrote it the first time. It is hard to say the same thing in a different way without reverting back to the original. It is usually better if someone else rewrites your content, with a new voice.

We offer rewrite services for our group blog members. You get a new blog article to post, without any additional work.

For example, you can write an article and post it on your own company blog, then post the rewrite on a group blog or an industry specific blog. This gives your content more exposure and a wider audience.

Here are a few examples of an original article and a rewritten article.

How should you choose articles to be rewritten?

To decide which articles to have rewritten, look at the statistics of blog articles you have already published. Generate a list of the ones that have the most traffic and or the most engagement (clicks).

From that list of most popular posts delete any that are “expired” such as “Top 10 New Features of Dynamics GP 2010”. If you rewrite that now, the news is already outdated. So stick with “evergreen” content.

Also remove any posts that are overly technical. If the majority of your post is full of instructions with screenshots or code and very little text, it will be virtually impossible to rewrite.

From the list you have left, send the URLs to the rewrite author and let her work her magic. It is the easiest way I have ever found to get good quality content with none of the work.

This is what a few Dynamics Partners had to say:

“Sharon has been doing a wonderful job rewriting our blog posts. From putting a fresh spin on older and outdated posts to creating different versions of newer blog posts, she “gets” it. As a marketing department that has limited internal resources and suffering “blog exhaustion”, being able to outsource at an affordable cost to somebody as professional and punctual as Sharon has been great.” Marleen De Winter, Director of Marketing, Integrity Data

“The Blog Rewrite service has been a very smooth process. The writer is easy to work with and seems very efficient. I am happy with the quality of the rewritten articles and would recommend this service to others who are time poor and need more blog content to spread around.”– Miree Le Roy, Partner Director – Channel Sales, IPM Global Pty Ltd

As part of our Turnkey and VIP memberships, we do the rewrites for you. Done

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

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